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September 2019: A Poetry Conversation

This September we're pleased to be supporting a special poetry event - Poetry, a Conversation: China and the UK, with The University of Leeds Poetry CentreStand magazineThe Leeds Centre for Translation Studies, and the Leeds Business Confucius Institute. The event will be a symposium consisting of readings and discussions on poetry – including translation – by poets from China and the UK, including poets of Chinese heritage from Singapore and the UK.

The featured poets include: Simon Armitage, Malika Booker, Kimberly Campanello, Ian Duhig, Zafar Kunial, Madeleine Lee, Li Yuansheng, Lu Ye, Helen Mort, Na Ye, Jennifer Lee Tsai, Wang Jiaxin, John Whale, Eleanor Wong, Yu Hai-Sui, Yang Biwei, Yang Ke, Jay G. Ying, Zhang Jiawei.

There will also be a translation workshop with Jacob Blakesley, Cosima Bruno, Brian Holton, Wang Jiaxin, and Ian Fairley.

The University of Leeds has a long-standing and historically significant engagement with poetry and poets, and the Poetry Centre is keen to engage with the exciting work going on in the Chinese poetry scene.

To see the schedule for the symposium, and reserve a place, please see the Eventbrite page.

For more poetry, you can see our August feature on Yu Yoyo 余幼幼, and read a number of her poems, translated by Dave Haysom and AK Blakemore, and by Emily Goedde.

And last year we featured Xi Chuan 西川, and a number of his poems, translated by Lucas Klein.