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The results of the 9th Bai Meigui Translation Competition are in!

We're delighted to announce that the winners of the 9th Bai Meigui Translation Competition, translating a text by Liang Hong 梁鸿, are:


1st place - Andrew Rule

Runners-up (in no particular order):

Hannah Lund

Yuyun Lou

Didi Wu

Hai Ning Ng

Will Osborn

Bill Leverett


Many congratulations to our winners!  Andrew Rule will win a bursary to attend the online 'Bristol Translates' Literary Translation Summer School, and the winning translations will be published shortly on our website. While we are unable to provide feedback on individual entrants, our judges have kindly provided some general comments below.

Comments from the judging panel:

We were very impressed by the standard of the entrants. This was a challenging piece to translate, with its range of language from text message-speak to vignettes of the landscape, and the translations we received all had some great translation choices. The group we shortlisted were extremely competent efforts. But the one that stood out as being quite exceptional, which we have chosen as the winner, was a pleasure to read, with lively dialogue and expressive descriptions. This translation has a practised, professional quality and it is our pleasure to promote such high-quality work.


Very many thanks to our judges, Nicky Harman, Shen Yang, and Michael Day, for their generosity and enthusiasm. 

And if you'd like to watch the announcement, which was made at an event on February 12th with Shen Yang and Nicky Harman, here's the video!

To find out more about this latest competition, please see the 9th Bai Meigui Translation Competition page, where you can also find links to the winning and shortlisted entries.

And details of our next translation competition will be released soon!