Book Club


Since the beginning of our project, in 2014, we have chosen one author to feature as our book club Author of the Month. Browse the menu on the left hand side of this page to find out more about each month’s featured author, and read some of their work, in Chinese and/or in English translation. You can also read our blog for interviews with authors, translators and publishers. We regularly welcome authors and translators to Leeds, to read and discuss their work, and we’re looking forward to more visits in the future, so do keep an eye on our Events page for what’s happening next!

NEW: If you’d like to browse all our short stories, but don’t know where to start, check out these flash reviews by our Reading Chinese Book Reviewers of their favourites of our monthly features to date. Tweet us if you agree with their choices! #goodchinesereads

“A Very Special Pigeon” by Cao Wenxuan (3 votes)
“Notes on an Epidemic” by Hon Lai-chu (3 votes)
“The Deluge” by Bi Feiyu (3 votes)
“Song of Liangzhou” by Ge Fei (3 votes)
“Dad’s not dead” by Yan Ge (2 votes)
“Missing” by Li Jingrui (2 votes)
“Fishbone” by Sheng Keyi (1 vote)
“The Accident” by Murong Xuecun (1 vote)
“A View of the Hills” by Lao Ma (1 vote)
“Squatting” by Diao Dou (1 vote)
“Black Holes” by He Jiahong (1 vote)
“A Wedding in Autumn” by Shih Chiung-yu (1 vote)
“1997” by Jeremy Tiang (1 vote)
Poems by Han Dong (1 vote)

You can also read more in-depth reviews of new Chinese novels in English translation, or find out how to apply to join our Reviewers Network yourself, here.