Resources for Schools

If you are a teacher hoping to incorporate more Chinese literary texts in your curriculum (in translation or in language lessons), this section is designed for you!

To get you started, why not browse some of the short stories in our schools Story Hub, an age-appropriate selection from the complete, free-to-view database of the Read Paper Republic Story Hub?

If you want to get involved further, and contribute to your school library resources (for free), then consider setting up a school bookclub of Chinese literature in translation. The reviews have started coming in – both in written and video form – and it’s been great to see the discussions and read the responses.

In partnership with the Mandarin Teachers Network based at the Confucius Institute of the Institute of Education, London, we have a network of teaching ambassadors, who, led by Advisory Board member Dr Theresa Munford, are developing tailored teaching materials to suit the various secondary school curricula. If you’re a teacher or PGCE student who would like to get involved in this project, please contact us at

In 2018 we held our first children’s translation competition, open to all students in secondary education. For details of our winners see the competition page. The winning entry, a bilingual edition of a picture book by Meng Yanan 孟亚楠, entitled 中秋节快乐, will be published by Balestier Press in time for Mid-Autumn Festival this year. Why not consider ordering it for your library and inspire your pupils — if a Y12 pupil in London can become a published translator after 5 years of Chinese study, who knows what your students can achieve?!