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November/ December 2016: Read Paper Republic; Afterlives

As the days are getting shorter, we recommend staying inside and gathering around the fire with Read Paper Republic's new mini-series of stories, 'Afterlives', 'in which death is merely the beginning of the story'...

These are tales of ghosts, otherworldly creatures, and uncertain memories. They hover on the borders of ghost stories, science fiction, and the fantastic, and showcase some of the experiments in genre currently being carried out in Chinese fiction.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we have!

“Dragon Boat” by Ge Liang, translated by Karen Curtis (27/10/16)

“Dragonworld” by Zhang Xinxin, translated by Helen Wang (3/11/16)

“Where Did I Lose You?” by Fan Xiaoqing, translated by Paul Harris (10/11/16)

“The Northern Border” by Li Zishu, translated by Joshua Dyer (17/11/16)

“Two Young Women From Fuyang” by Mai Jia, translated by Yu Yan Chen (24/11/16)

“The Path to Freedom” by Tang Fei, translated by Xueting Christine Ni (1/12/16)