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About Us

The Centre is based at Leeds and run by a managerial committee, ably assisted by an international Advisory Board.

We work in collaboration with a number of partners, including Paper Republic, the Mandarin Teachers Network based at the Institute of Education's Confucius Institute, Balestier Press and Penguin China and are developing resources to make new Chinese writing accessible to everyone, with a strand focusing particularly on school-age readers.

We run a series of talks, readings, workshops, symposia and other activities in Leeds. We have a monthly featured author in our bookclub, run a book review network dedicated to contemporary Chinese literature in translation, and have held a series of Chinese-English literary translation competitions and masterclasses. We also host a regular blog on this website, featuring articles on contemporary Chinese fiction and interviews with writers, translators, and others working in the field.

We provide a hub for research into all aspects of Chinese literature and Chinese-English literary translation. If you are interested in joining our team of affiliated doctoral or postdoctoral researchers or visiting scholars, do contact us.

Our Centre could not survive without the work of our wonderful Book Reviewers Network. If you would like to apply to become one of our Book Reviewers, click here for more information or here to read their flash reviews of our monthly featured short stories.


Dr Zhang Dongxiu

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow (2023); co-chair of Centre salon series (on-campus)

Jianan Zhang

Affiliated Researcher, Chair of Online Salon Series

Li Wenxi

Doctoral Researcher, PGR Rep for the Centre

Qiao Peng

Doctoral Researcher

Peter Goff

Doctoral Researcher

Xiaodan Shan

Doctoral Researcher

Li Jinyang

Doctoral Researcher

Sun Yantao

Doctoral Researcher

Miqi Liu

Doctoral Researcher

Kuo Mei-yi

Doctoral Researcher

Jing Huanjun

Doctoral Researcher

Wang Yueran

Doctoral Researcher

Alex Liangyuan Li

Doctoral Student

Choedphong Uttama

Doctoral Researcher

Dr Tsering Samdrup

Affiliated Postdoctoral Fellow

Zhang Yaqi

Visiting Doctoral Researcher

Gao Qian

Visiting Doctoral Researcher

Yaqi Li

Academic Visitor

Dr Huarui Guo

Visiting Research Fellow

Jemma Stafford

Doctoral Researcher

Fan Xing

Doctoral Researcher (2021-22)

Dr Wang Yan

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow (22-23)

Dr Yunwei Wang (Henry)

Doctoral graduate

Dr Song Meihua

PhD Graduate

Dr Xiaorui Wang

Doctoral Graduate

Dr Wenqian Zhang

Affiliated postdoctoral researcher

Wang Xinfei

Doctoral Researcher (2019-2020)

Xin Xiaoxiao

Doctoral Researcher (2019-2020)

Dr Yanqiu Cui

Visiting Scholar (2019)

Dr Xie Pan

Doctoral researcher (2018/19)

Dr Mia Chen Ma

Affiliated Researcher, Managing Editor (Journal)

Dr Helen Wang

Visiting Research Fellow; Literary Translator

Dr Joy Qiao

Postdoctoral Researcher (2018-19)

Dr Liu Honghua (Celie)

Visiting Research Fellow (2019)

Dr Xueming Wang

Postdoctoral researcher

Dr Hanying Yan

Visiting Research Fellow

Dr Paul Woods

Affiliated Researcher