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Book Reviewer application form

Points to Note/FAQs

By joining this network you agree, in normal circumstances, to provide a review of a book of our choice within one calendar month from the date of the dispatch postmark/email. Reviews should be written in English and between 500 and 1,000 words in length. Reviews will be posted on our website.

If you are unable to meet this requirement, without reasonable explanation, we reserve the right to remove you from the network.

Our network includes both very experienced reviewers and some who are new to reviewing. We will provide some optional guidelines on how to structure your review/what to include, but equally are happy to accept ‘freestyle’ reviews.

Please inform us, by emailing, in any of the following situations:-

  • if you are likely to be away or busy for a long period, and would prefer not to receive books during this time
  • if you have specific requests re. timing (eg only reviewing a book over the summer etc.)
  • If you wish to suspend your network membership for a period, or cancel, for any reason
  • If you change your email address

    Application Form

    Please indicate which of the following topics/genres you would be most interested in reviewing (tick all that apply). Unfortunately we cannot guarantee to ‘match’ you with any of these, but will use the information to help select appropriate titles where possible.

    Please upload a pdf file with a ‘flash review’ of your favourite of the short stories (or poetry/extracts from novels) featured on the Writing Chinese monthly Bookclub page. You can choose any of the work featured there, from October 2014 to the current month. The review should be between 200 and 400 words long and should briefly explain why you like the piece and would recommend it to other readers. If you wish to comment on any other aspect of it feel free, but please note that these are ‘flash reviews’ and we cannot exceed the maximum length. All accepted reviews will then be posted on the bookclub page, and advertised on our social media account with #goodchinesereads.

    We have a limited budget for international postage. What are your views on reviewing soft copies of books (eg pdf format) if required?

    The frequency of sending out books will obviously depend on supply and the numbers of reviewers. To give us an indication of your availability, what would be the maximum number of books you would be able to review in a 12 month period?

    We are looking into getting selected reviews translated into Chinese, for posting on partners’ websites in China. Please confirm if you would be happy for us to do this if a review of yours was chosen.

    We plan a couple of (small group) residential weekends in Leeds, UK, for selected network members, to discuss works with a featured author and translator. While accommodation and full-board will be provided for successful applicants, we are unable to cover travel to Leeds.

    We are not asking for commitment at this stage, but to enable us to plan, would you be interested in this opportunity?


    The first weekend is confirmed as 11-12 Nov 2017, the second weekend dates to be confirmed but likely to be either 10-11 March or 17-18 March 2018.

    And finally…

    We’d like to include some information about our reviewers on the site – ideally a profile picture and the paragraph about you. Your personal contact details will never be shared without your consent.

    In the box below, please provide a short paragraph (3-6 sentences) about you. If you would prefer that this information does not appear online that will not preclude you from joining the network.

    Thank you very much for your interest in our network – we will be in touch shortly!