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Teaching Materials

We are all too aware that, however enthusiastic you are about using literary texts in the classroom, the realities of workloads and timetables can be overwhelming.

Here at Writing Chinese we are very grateful to our fabulous team of Teaching Ambassador volunteers, headed up by our Advisory Board Member Dr Theresa Munford, who has shedloads of experience of teaching with literature, for designing some practical resources for use in the classroom.

If you have feedback on these, or resources for teaching literature that you would be willing to share we would be delighted to hear from you.

Teaching materials for The Ventriloquist's Daughter, by Lin Man-chiu (tr Helen Wang) provided by Theresa Munford

Theresa has produced an amazing 7 part blog for us on her experience in using this novel in her classroom at St Gregory's in Bath. The beautiful display above was the culmination of an 8 lesson block of work on this novel.

The Ventriloquist's Daughter 腹语师的女儿 by Taiwan author Lin Man-chiu 林满秋, translated by Helen Wang (Balestier Press 2017) is highly recommended for schools by Katharine Carruthers, and has also proved very popular in our school bookclubs -- read their reviews here (including a video review from some St Gregory's pupils whose work features in Theresa's blog). Man-chiu is also a Writing Chinese author ambassador and does regular events talking to young people in both the UK and Taiwan about her work.

Worksheet on "Dreaming of My Father", by Liglave A-Wu (tr Kristen Pie), provided by Hsiu-chih Sheu

Worksheet on "1966: Locomotive" by Wang Xiaoni (tr. Eleanor Goodman), provided by Hsiu-chih Sheu