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Story Hub for Schools

Paper Republic Story Hub ~ Schools corner

Below we have selected some of the stories from our Read Paper Republic Story Hub which we think might be particularly of use for teachers looking for resources to use in the classroom -- but would love to know your views!

Our teaching ambassadors are busy developing teaching materials for these stories and they will be posted in the Teaching Materials page as they are ready.

As ever, we are grateful to the Paper Republic team and all the translators/authors involved for allowing their work to be freely available here.

Missing, by Li Jingrui

Translated by Helen Wang

A Woman at Forty, by Zhang Ling

Translated by Emily Jones

Sissy Zhong, by Yan Ge

Translated by Nicky Harman

1966: Locomotive by Wang Xiaoni

Translated by Eleanor Goodman

Keep Running, Little Brother, by Lu Nei

Translated by Rachel Henson

A Second Pregnancy, 1980, by Lu Min

Translated by Helen Wang

Dreaming of My Father, by Liglave A-wu

Translated by Kristen Pie

Piano Twilight, by Chen Cun

Translated by Michael Day

Sunshine in Winter, by Shi Kang

Translated by Michelle Deeter, Killiana Liu, Juliet Vine and Helen Wang

Dark Alley, by Wang Anyi

Translated by Canaan Morse