Translation as Collaboration: Personal experiences of co-translating Chinese with Nicky Harman and Jun Liu

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  • Time: 9:00-10:00
  • Location: Online
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As part of the Borderless Books x Gŵyl Haf International Translation Day Festival, we’re happy to be supporting Sinoist Books in presenting a conversation with award-winning Chinese to English translator Nicky Harman and her collaborator Jun Liu as they describe their process in co-translating Jia Pingwa’s Sojourn Teahouse (soon to be published by Sinoist Books). Nicky will also compare this to the process of solo-translating Jia’s Broken Wings.

This event will take place from 9-10am, but by booking a (free!) ticket here you’ll also be able to attend various events throughout the day, presented by independent UK publishers (Fitzcarraldo Editions, Peirene Press, V&Q and Sinoist Books) and all spotlighting the work of translators, in partnership with English PEN and the National Centre for Writing.

Find out more about Gŵyl Haf, a Festival of Translated Literature and Arts, here. And here’s Borderless Book Club, dedicated to translated literature.

And more about International Translation Day here.