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Dr Youxuan Wang

Lecturer in Chinese Translation, University of Portsmouth

Dr Youxuan Wang is a translator, textual scholar, sinologist and calligrapher. We're very grateful to him for the design of the official logo and calligraphy for this project. After teaching English and translation in China, he has been studying, researching and teaching in British universities since 1992. In 1990, he published his Chinese translation of Toni Morrison's Pulitzer Prize winning novel Beloved, and the translation is still receiving critical attention in China. Since 1995, his research has focused on the development of logic and semiotics in the Chinese translations of Sanskrit Buddhist philosophical texts, and he is currently preparing a critical English translation of some early Chinese Buddhist treatises on logic attributed to Kumārajīva (334–413 CE), Paramārtha (499-569 CE) and Xuanzang (c. 602–664 CE), while lecturing on Chinese and translation at the University of Portsmouth.