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Call for Papers: Writing Chinese/Writing Hong Kong


We're honoured that the next special issue of our open access journal Writing Chinese: A Journal of Contemporary Sinophone Literature is being guest edited by Dr Jennifer Wong, with a keynote by Professor Gregory Lee. This issue - Writing Chinese/ Writing Hong Kong - will focus on contemporary Hong Kong literature, and we're currently seeking submissions, with a deadline of July 31st, 2023.

Call for Papers

Hong Kong – with its unique historical past and colonial legacy, its rich languages and dialects, its cosmopolitanism – has seen many changes over the last decade. With the changing pattern of migration for the Chinese population across continents, particularly the emerging Hong Kong culture and literature, there is a need to recalibrate or reconceptualise what we mean by ‘new Chinese writing’ and, within it, contemporary Hong Kong literature, whether Anglophone, Sinophone or translated works. In this widening and emergent field, what role(s) do language and translation play in helping us appreciate the contexts and writing voice behind the range of literature?

In preparing for this special issue, we are calling for research papers (up to 8,000 words) focussing on all aspects of contemporary Hong Kong literature. We are especially interested in research articles that critically explore literary works relating to any or all of the following broad themes:-

  • the complexities / dualities of identities (racial, gender, or other identities);
  • sense of place (conceptualising the city or the diaspora);
  • language(s), translation or multiculturalism;
  • inter-generational narratives;
  • representations of trauma and conflict.

but topics are not limited to the above.

Please follow the Author Guidelines ( on our website before submission and submit through the. All articles will be subject to the usual (double-blind) peer review process. The deadline for submissions for this Special Issue is 31st July 2023. For preliminary enquiries relating to submissions for this Special Issue, please contact the Guest Editor at

Alongside this special issue, we are also accepting research submissions for the Journal on an on-going basis. For enquiries relating to general submissions to the Journal, please contact