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New in Translation: Poetry and Fiction from China

Monday 15 July 2019, 11am-3pm
Parkinson Building 1.08

Join us on 15th July to celebrate the first anniversary of our Centre in style!

In the morning from 11am we will be celebrating the work of our July featured author, Li Er 李洱, with readings and Q&A with Jeremy Tiang, the translator of Li's most recent novel to appear in English, Coloratura 花腔 .


after lunch in partnership with The Poetry Translation Centre, we join Yu Yoyo 余幼幼, one of the most important young voices in contemporary Chinese poetry, for an afternoon of bilingual readings in Chinese and English and discussion, alongside translator Dave Haysom who collaboratively translated Yoyo’s work with UK poet A.K. Blakemore.

"Regarded as a representative of the post-‘90’s generation, known for her mature voice and subtle treatment of modern femininity, Yu Yoyo’s poetry has a lithe, darting brilliance, jumping from arresting idea to arresting idea with electrifying intent. She has created a poetic language which has seemingly never not known the internet – its caustic, flat wit; its complete lack of punctuation; its blunt delivery and its incredible linguistic speed."

This event is part of a tour marking the publication of a new collection of Yoyo’s poetry in English. My Tenantless Body is translated by Dave Haysom and UK poet AK Blakemore, and published by The Poetry Translation Centre.



The events are free to attend and all are welcome, but please register first on our Eventbrite page as refreshments will be provided. (If you can only attend either the morning or afternoon session, and won't be requiring lunch, please email us to let us know -