Book Club

Each month during the academic year, we’ll be choosing one author to feature as our book club author of the month. On this page you can find their stories – in Chinese and in English translation.

We’re delighted that several of the authors will be visiting Leeds, so you’ll have the opportunity to come and hear them read their work. Browse the menu on the left hand side of this page to find out more about each month’s featured author, and read their stories in Chinese and in English translation.

If you’d like to join our network and take part in discussions of each month’s stories on our forum, please send us an email – – letting us know 1) whether you’d be happy for your name to appear on our site as part of our network, 2) whether you’d like us to include a link to your website or profile page, and 3) whether you have a preferred username for the forum. We’ll then send you your login details for the forum.